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VW T3 Waterboxer Lambda 02 Oxygen Sensor 2.1

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This is the 02 oxygen sensor for the 2.1 water cooled T3 engine. 

If you are having issues with poor running or excessive fuel consumption you may find that you have a faulty 02 sensor or perhaps the 02 sensor has been disconnected by a previous owner or repairer. You will find that your T3 will run okay with the 02 sensor disconnected but the fuel consumption will increase because the ECU defaults to a richer mixture

This is a top quality Bosch part with the complete harness and plug. Beware of cheaper reproduction units that may fail or provide incorrect readings. We have fitted these exact 02 sensors to many of our own and customers vans and found a significant improvement in running and fuel consumption.

Fits: VW T3 Caravelle and Transporter from 1986 to 1992 fitted with the 2.1 waterboxer engine.