The History of Righteous Kombis

At Righteous Kombis we like to think of VW's as a passion not a business. We have been buying, restoring and selling classic VW's for close to 10 years.

Righteous Kombis started in 2008 when we purchased our first Kombi. But, Kombis have always been in my blood. My grandfather always owned Kombis. His first Kombi was a 1956 double barn door which was originally used when they were building the snowy mountains Hydro scheme. My dad has many memories of the Kombis as a kid. in fact he was very embarrassed at the time because Kombis were very uncool.

1971 VW Kombi Lowlight Barn FindThe first Kombi I remember was a 1971 lowlight which was Grandpas last Kombi. For many years it was his daily driver but eventually it became a farm vehicle. All sorts of things were carted around in that from hay to dead pigs. What I remember most was learning to drive in the Kombi on his farm when I was 12. As luck would have it, I managed to find and buy his Kombi 15 years after he left it to rot on his farm when he moved away. Its currently a restoration in progress and will be the Righteous Kombis showpiece.

As for Righteous Kombis itself it's the passion that drives us. We love to resurrect and bring life back to old VW's that have been neglected and find new loving owners for these awesome vehicles.