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VW Kombi Windscreen Seal

Regular price $89.00

Is the windscreen seal on your Kombi hard and brittle? It's about time you replaced it. A poor windscreen seal we allow water to sit under the seal and will rust out the window sill. 

This might seem like a high price compared to other seals, but this is the best quality windscreen seal we've found. Unlike a lot of others that are on the market, this is made from soft and flexible rubber and is just the right size. With this rubber you should have no problem pulling the screen in yourself with the help of a friend. If you use other rubbers you may find they are less pliable and are slightly oversized. If so, you will have a real hard time doing it yourself and a windscreen repairer will probably have just as much trouble. Being a restorer, we know this from experience. We have tried various windscreen rubbers and we have found this to be the best by far!! You can trust our products because we won't sell any parts we wouldn't use on our own vans

This Rubber windscreen seal will suit:
Bay window kombis from 1968-1979