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VW Kombi and Beetle fuel braided fuel hose

Regular price $15.00

Need to replace your fuel lines on you Beetle or Kombi? You really should do it now. Fuel hose is one thing you really don't want to skimp. Cracked, old and brittle fuel line is the biggest cause  of engine fires in aircooled VW's. If your fuel hose hasn't been replaced for a while or you don't know when was the last time they were replace, we recommend you replace them now. Also it's important you use the correct braided hose as it's heat rated and is the only fuel hose recommend for your VW aircooled engine.

This is the correct 5mm VW braided fuel hose which is the only fuel hose you should ever use on an air-cooled VW. It is suitable for all aircooled VW engines that require 5mm hose

Sold in 1M lengths

Part number: N0203551