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VW Kombi Drivers Seat Runner Set 1968-1976

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Does your Kombi have aftermarket front seats and you want to replace them with originals? You might have found that when the seats were replaced they cut out the old seat rails. What a pain! Or maybe your tubs were so rusted you had to cut out the seat rail section to repair it and now the seat runners can't be re-used.

Thankfully there is now a solution to all these dramas. These new seat runners are designed for the drivers seat of a right hand drive Volkswagen Kombi from 1968-1976 for the Australia models. Don't get confused by other parts suppliers saying these are only suitable to 1974. Our Australian built Kombis had these seat rails till 1976.

These seat runners have holes for which to weld the runner to the tub

Make sure you check the runners on the seats you have before purchasing this item and match the correct runner with the correct seat.