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VW Kombi Brake Disc Rotor 72-79

Regular price $105.00

Are the brakes on your VW Kombi not performing right? Are you getting brake shudder through the pedal and the steering or too much travel in the pedal? It's probably time you either machined or replaced your brake disc rotors.

We have found that usually the brake disc will be too thin to machine, and for the price of a new brake disc rotor or machining your old ones, you might as well just replace them and be done with it.

This is for one brake disc rotor. Left and right are identical and we always recommend replacing brake components in pairs. In addition we recommend having brake components replaced by a licensed and qualified mechanic. 

Fits: VW Kombi Baywindow 1972-1979. Can be fitted to earlier models with a conversion kit and new calipers.

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