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VW Beetle Superbug Brake Master Cylinder

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Are you having problems with your brakes on your VW Superbug Beetle? Chances are you have a faulty brake master cylinder. If your brakes are sticking or your pedal is spongy, replacing your master cylinder could solve the problem.

This is the dual circuit brake master cylinder to fit a Volkswagen Superbug beetle from 1970-1975. Fits both Superbug S 1302 (70-72) and Superbug L 1303 (73-75).

Superbugs are identifiable by the front Mcpherson strut spring suspension and the flat lying spare tyre. Standard Beetles retained the beam suspension and the upright tyre.

Note: This will NOT fit a standard Beetle of the same year model range. If you are unsure whether this will fit your vehicle, please ask first.