How much is a Kombi Worth? The value of a pre-purchase inspection.

We get a lot of enquiries from proud Kombi owners who are ready to part with their pride and joy. Often they would like to know how much they are worth before listing an ad. There is a rough benchmark that I still use - a good mechanically sound and registered, running Kombi may cost between $7,000 - $45,000. If the paintwork and the upholstery are in great condition then maybe $25,00- $95,000. They are like houses - they will sell for what someone is prepared to pay.

Then you venture into the area of Kombis that have been resprayed. There are good spray jobs and crap spray jobs. A crap spray job will actually send the price backwards, but if there are no ripples or orange peel in the finish, and the seals, rubbers and trims have all been replaced, you are looking at a comfortable range of $20,000 - $25,000. If that sounds like a lot, it's because Kombis are SOOOO BLOODY BIG! They need lots of repairs, lots of primer, lots of undercoat and lots of 2Pak. Did I mention LOTS of sanding back in between each coat?

The worst thing you can do, is not get a mechanic or inspection company to have a look at the Kombi BEFORE you buy it. These inspections cost between $200 and $300, but they will save you from buying an expensive money pit, or at least reassure you that it's safe to drive home in.

Here is a run down of a recent pre-purchase inspection we had done on a 1975 Camper:

Body Condition Average.

Paint Faded

No Major Panel Damage.

Has Had Several Minor Repairs.

Engine Bay Wiring Tidy Up Required.

Petrol Pump Leaking Fuel.

Water Under Passenger Floor Mat, Possible Windscreen Leaking.

Petrol Leaking From Carburettors.

Left Hand Rear Wheel Cylinder Leaking Onto Brake Linings - Complete Rear Brake Overhaul Required.

Both Rear Brake Drums Over Size.

Left Hand Flexible Brake Hose Missing Retainer Clip At Wheel.

Front Brake Pads Worn - Replacement Required.

Brake Pedal Rubber Worn.

Drivers Seat Belt Frayed And Webbing Damaged.

Left Hand Seat Belt Unit Mounted Incorrectly.

Accelerator Pedal Only Has 1/4 To 1/2 Travel.

Engine Miss Fire Under Load.

Right Hand Front Shock Absorber Leaking.

Front Shock Absorber Lower Rubbers Split.

Front Shock Absorbers Not A Matched Pair.

Steering Box Adjustment Required.

Right Hand Lower Ball Joint Has Movement.

Excessive Play In Front Wheel Bearings.

Right Hand Front Tyre Rubbing On Suspension Arm At Full Steering Lock.

Left Hand Rear Tyre Worn On Inside Edge.

No Ignition Lights In Dash.

No Speedo Or Warning Lights Work In Dash.

Left Hand Reverse Light Not Working.

Windscreen Wiper Rubbers Require Replacement.

Right Hand Exhaust Mount Bolt Broken.

Various Engine Oil Leaks.
How much would you pay for a Kombi like that? It was advertised for $25,000. I'm glad we ran the inspection because I was hoping to drive it home from interstate!!! Once you consider the mechanical and electrical work involved I reckon that's a $5000 Kombi. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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