The 1978 One of A Kind Vintage VW Kombi Faith


The first thing that gave me a good vibe about Faith was seeing her original old number plates BIK555. I knew Faith had a cool story to tell. 

 We got up early one morning and travelled just up the coast to the small New South Wales town called Laurieton to meet up with Terry and his wife Colleen. Terry had many stories to tell us and we were more than eager to listen.

What makes Faith so special is she has been in Terry's family since new. Terry's father (pictured) purchased her brand new in June 1978, Terry's father and Terry kept the original purchase receipt with Faith along with all full service history, maintenance, mechanical and registration receipts dating back to when Terry's father owned it. Terry's father was very meticulous and took a great amount of care for his beloved Volkswagen and when carrying it on to Terry and Colleen they did the exact same.


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Another special thing about Faith is the Taiga Green is her original colour, Faith has all original paint and has never had a respray or had or been in an accident. She even has the original front windscreen. An exciting thing Terry showed us along with all of Faiths history was touch up paint from 1978 that still had the same beautiful colour inside. 


Along with a perfect exterior Faith had a beautiful period correct interior, she had original front seats with immaculate rubber floor mat and dash. Faith came with a bullbar and bumper bar, we removed these items to give her a more original and period correct look.

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The trip home was special and Faith did not disappoint us. Faith gave everyone a good vibe at Righteous Kombis. She was certainly my favourite kombi by far. Normally Kombis are one heck of a bumpy and noisy ride but Faith handled beautifully and you could definitely tell she was well looked after. 

Faith spent most of her life in Condell Park, Sydney. Funny enough Faith and her family lived right down the road from where Jared grew up in the late 80’s and early 90s. Jared reckons he definitely saw it cruising around! Then Terry and his Wife decided to move to the quiet town of Laurieton. Faith then came to us and had a short stay, before she found a new home and is now living in sunny Brisbane, Queensland. Peter, the new owner, was a perfect match for Faith. Peter knew exactly how he was going to look after her and continue to give her the best life possible. We really hope we can see Faith again soon. 

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Faith has an incredible story that any Volkswagen enthusiast would appreciate having had the best life and will continue to do so with her new owner.

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Journal by Codie Kemsley. 

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