VW Kombi Fuel Gauge Voltage Stabiliser

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Fuel Gauge not working on your VW Kombi, or is the reading just innacurate? Chances are you need a new voltage stabiliser.

The voltage stabiliser is a necessary component to get an accurate reading. The fuel guage measures the voltage from the sender unit in the fuel tank which puts out a differing voltage depending on the level of the fuel tank. Since the supply voltage from the vehicle varies depending on things such as the condition and charge of the battery, engine speed and the draw from other electrical components, these variations would cause the readings on the fuel gauge to change, which is why your fuel gauge could vary or be inaccurate. This part will stabilise this voltage and give you a more accurate reading.

This part is fitted to the back of the dash cluster behind the fuel gauge.

Part number: 113-957-099/A