The 76'' Late Bay With Natural Raw Beauty.

A local on the Central Coast, brought this beauty to the shop for some mechanical work recently.

It had some oil leaks to be fixed as well as needing a service and tune.

This Kombi Originally came from Canberra, before making its way for some coastal views on the Central Coast.

This beauty is in great condition for its age and has the well known 2L engine. The 2L had a full rebuild recently and is ready for the upcoming summer months.

The exterior has a real rustic look about it, this is one of our favourite type of looks for our old beloved T2 Kombis as they look like they get used and well lived in as they should be, we believe they should be enjoyed always!

The interior again gives off a well lived in, raw and rustic look, perfect for someone who wants to get out and go exploring without worrying about "the showroom look." Something that came to our attention was a plaque with the quote "A Diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to the job"

We believe this is super fitting, as this Kombi may not look perfect because it doesn't have pretty paint job, but it sticks to the job and is strong and reliable, a lot of people get confused with a nice looking Kombi being not so great mechanically or even under the fresh "Restored" paint work.



T2 kombi